Appointments available 10am - 5pm


Healing Massage
​​60 min - $90
My healing Hawaiian massage will mend and restore your body, releasing stress and tight muscles, improving lymphatic flow and providing balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

Hawaiian massage ‘Lomi Lomi’ techniques are combined with Swedish techniques and the use of hot stones to provide this most nurturing and healing experience with pressure to your liking.

The massage is given in fluid rhythmic motion, working with the body’s natural flow. When the flow of energy or ‘chi’ is restored, the body will benefit with the release of stress held within the fibres of the body’s tissues. You will feel blissfully relaxed at the completion of this massage, with the benefits continuing long after the massage has ended.

Lisa Mondo Shakti.jpg
Luxury Hydration Oil Massage

60 min - $110  90 min $160


Add the luxury of true skin hydration with an amazing deep oil nourishment using rich black gram oil to feed the skin with this luxurious aromatherapy blend of sweet vanilla bean and ylang ylang or spicy black pepper to uplift the senses. Formulated by Ayurvedic physicians in India, this massage oil for Vata dosha combines cold-pressed Black Sesame Oil with Vata pacifying ayurvedic herbs in a traditional formula, with the addition of fragrant essential oils specific for Vata. The most luxury you can experience from a one hour massage thanks to this most incredible Balaaya oil.

Facial & Massage

90 min - $130
Be pampered and treat yourself to a mini facial with your massage. Using Antipodes and Skin Food products with natural, pure organic ingredients from Australia and New Zealand. Rehydrate with avocado, camelia, apricot, almond and coconut. Gel masks with sea kelp & green tea or Royal Jelly and Manuka honey. Facial cupping with rosehip and hemp serums. Infuse your skin with moisture and brighten your complexion.

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Body Scrub & Massage
90 min - $160

Enjoy a complete hour and a half of relaxation and rejuvenation by adding a rejuvenating body scrub to your massage experience. Detoxify your body, aid sleep, reduce water retention and enhance your skin tone, with an invigorating scrub using Himalayan salt blended with almond and vanilla. Or try a coffee scrub for a more gentle exfoliation. Treatment includes full body massage. (scrub options may vary)

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Couples Massage
half hour each - $100 
one hour each - $180
Take turns with your partner to experience a healing massage half hour or full hour treatment. Relax on the love seat with a cold fruit tea or filtered water, whilst your partner is on the table enjoying their relaxation. Most customers nap on the couch after their massage. You may also choose to have a short break in between treatments and 'tag team' with your partner.
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Coconut Island massage
with hydrating body masque or coconut lemon scrub incl. sound therapy.
90 minutes $160
Let the gentle flowing Lomi Lomi massage transport your body, mind and spirit to a place of complete healing. A full body nourishing coconut oil massage with warmed oil and sounds of the ocean together with some ohm sound healing to connect and ground you. Finish with a body masque of coconut body butter or an invigorating coconut salt scrub that leaves your skin glowing. Enjoy a soothing meditation as the body soaks in all that moisture. Very tropical, very indulgent.
Hot Stone Massage
60 min - $110  90 min - $160


This gentle fluidic massage using hot stones will soothe away the tightness in your muscles and leave you feeling completely relaxed and comforted. Ideal for those who find deep tissue techniques painful. This massage uses the heat to soften the knots and is gentle on particularly sore spots. Amazing gentle way to heal tight muscles through the power of heat. Perfect if you don't like pressure in your massage or if the weather is on the chilly side.

Remedial Massage
30 min - $50
60 min - $90
Deep tissue, myofascial release, friction, traction, petrissage and efflourage techniques used to heal your muscular and skeletal issues. Treatment includes recommendations for exercises and stretches to follow up with after your treatment.
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Complete Indulgence
2 hours $190

Starting with a relaxing facial to deep cleanse and rehydrate the skin, enjoying a meditation whilst the face mask goes to work. Then a gentle fluidic massage with the addition of hot stones to soothe away the tightness in your muscles and leave you feeling completely relaxed and comforted. Finally an invigorating body scrub or a deeply nourishing body masque to complete the experience, removed with hot towells, plus an extra long head massage.

facial roses.jpg
$50 - $90
Relax and rejuvenate the most important part of the body, your face. Treat the skin to a refreshing coconut and clay or honey hydrogel mask. Antipodes award winning products made in NZ with anti-oxidant rich botanical ingredients. Take a half hour mini facial $50 with or without massage or one hour $90 including Ultrasound treatment to restore elasticity and revive the cell renewal process.
candle frangipani face.jpg
ASMR Massage
90 min - $150

Do you experience ASMR short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? It's that feeling of goosebumps or tingles down the spine. It can help the body reach a state of total relaxation. This massage is slow and rythmic with lots of head and face plus the addition of whispering throughout the treatment. Guided meditation and breathing relaxation helps you to reach a state of ASMR in this healing treatment. Choose your background from rainforest sounds to ocean waves. Suitable for pregnant mums to be and anyone feeling stressed out. Includes aromatherapy. A very special experience.