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Here is what the customers have to say:


My partner & I were just on holidays visiting Magnetic Island and I had a quick 20min massage at Horseshoe Bay markets. Kelly was so good, we both booked in for full hour massages. I was feeling so knotted & tight in my shoulder blades, neck & head (where I hold stress) to the point of headaches and feeling sick, but after Kelly's Hawaiian Massage.  I have never felt so relaxed, and I have never experienced my neck etc. feeling like jelly straight away and 4 days later still does and no headaches! Kelly adds little touches like warm oil, warm face washers to wipe oil afterwards & I loved the cold eye pack. I highly recommend you take the time out for yourself & book a massage with Kelly :) I wished I could visit her on a regular basis. - Kim Randall

Kelly gave me the best massage I've ever had - so mesmerisingly relaxing and sensitive to what my body needed. I arrived in quite a state (the trip to the island from Brisbane had been quite difficult). Within minutes I was transported to a place of deep peace and tranquility that I enjoyed for 90 minutes, and which lasted for days after. Kelly's use of hot towels to rub me down after the massage was exquisite. Never experienced that before and it left me feeling fabulous. I'll be back! - Davina Collier

“Worth the ferry over! And then some”


The BEST thing about Magnetic Island is Kelly at Magnetic Bliss...came out of the one hour massage feeling nothing but bliss. Kelly worked my sore muscles and knots whilst her long Lomi Lomi strokes left me completely relaxed. Perfect stop. If I lived in Townsville I would take the ferry just to visit her. Thank you so much for the great massage - Kelly B., St Kilda Vic.

A divine, nurturing, therapeutic massage with so many special extra touches. Kelly is one of the best and this is a must-have island experience. I will go to her every time I visit Magnetic Island. A truly magical experience. - Carrie Ann Fields

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